Term 4 Overview 2020

Middle Level Term 4 Curriculum Overview –  2020

A very big welcome to Term 4!

We are so glad that we will be able to have almost an entire term at school! As we are sure you are too!

Below you will find an outline of Term.


Social and Emotional Learning

During the first few weeks of school our focus will be to reacquaint the children with the routine of coming back to school. Activities will involve friendship and team building tasks. We will also encourage discussion around how they are feeling and relate that to how we can understand how others are feeling too.

Our next focus will be on social skills. These will include good hygiene, communication, compromising, seeing someone else’s perspective, showing empathy, conflict resolution strategies and sharing our thoughts and feelings.

Towards the end of the year we will facilitate sessions focussing on transition into the next grade level for 2021.



In Writing, we will be focusing on fictional stories. The students will learn how to plan their writing, create engaging beginnings, include descriptive language, character dialogue and mood.

In Reading, we will be focusing on understanding non-fiction texts. We will explore the different types and features. We will also look at how to decipher the moral or meaning of a story, including scripture stories from the Bible.

In Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation we will be focusing on contractions, apostrophes, talking marks, and different spelling patterns including prefixes and suffixes. We will also be encouraging the students to use a range of strategies to spell unfamiliar words.



To begin the term we will spend time revising concepts covered during Remote Learning. These topics include: fractions, the four operations, money (calculating change), telling the time and measurement including angles. Then our teaching will be directed by assessment results.


Education in Faith

As our students have missed out on the usual sacramental program this year we will be working to prepare them for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We will also explore how we can use the Bible by learning about how it is structured, how we look up chapters and verses and how we can interpret the scriptures. To conclude the year we will focus on Advent and what this means in our Catholic faith.


Visual Arts

In Art, we will explore how to create artwork using different types of materials to create varied textures. We will also practise blending colours to enhance the depth in our art.


Inquiry Learning

This term we are covering two different topics: Space Science and Living Things. 

The students will learn about how the Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes over time, including day and night. We will also look at the sizes and movement of the Earth, Sun and moon.

Students will learn about the features of plants and animals and what categorises them. They will explore how different living things have different life-cycles and depend on each other and their environment to survive.



In Physical Education classes in Term 4, the students will continue to participate in weekly activities designed to enhance their fitness with a focus on achieving their personal best. The first four weeks will be focused on the game of Cricket. Students will be taught a basic technique for overarm bowling and work on the skills of throwing, striking and fielding. 

Following this, the focus will be on Invasion Games. These games are fast paced with a focus on teamwork, keeping possession, scoring and defending. Students will explore and perform different roles and their associated responsibilities during this unit.



During Term 4 in Italian the students will be learning to use superlatives in Italian through the use of ‘piu’ and ‘issimo’. They will also be sharing their research about an Italian city with their classmates.

The students will continue to build on their use of ‘posso’ and will focus on classroom functional language in Italian. They will be able to demonstrate an understanding of commonly used functional language and will be able to use it in the classroom.

The students will also build on their knowledge of Italian Christmas traditions.


Performing Arts

This term the Performing Arts Program will develop the students drama performance skills. They will be provided with different learning experiences to assist them to understand and explore how to use their vocal expressions, tone and pace to tell a personal story and perform a short poem or monologue from a children’s movie. The students will record themselves using Vocaroo and Flipgrid to evaluate their performance as well as give and receive feedback from their teacher and peers.


Digital Technologies

This term, the learning activities for the Year 3/4 students will continue to focus on flowcharts and algorithms (step-by-step sequences of instructions). Initially, students will learn about QR Codes and how they work. From there, the students will create an interactive user guide to explain how to use QR Codes. They will use Google Slides to complete this project, with the opportunity to include interactive buttons, photos, videos and other animations to make their instructions clear and easy to understand.




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