Term 4 Overview 2019



Important Dates:

  1. Tuesday October 8th- Division Athletics Day for those students who have got through to the next level.
  2. Friday October 11th – All Stars Boys and Girls at their Hooptime Regional Finals.
  3. Wednesday October 30th- Italian Day!!
  4. Wednesday November 6th – Twilight Sports- On your marks, get set….GO!!
  5. Tuesday December 3rd- Sink or Swim incursion on water safety
  6. Thursday December 5th- End of year Mass.



Reading Journals and Homework

A reminder that Homework is given out on a Tuesday and due back the following Monday.  We endeavour to match our Homework task with current topics or revision of previous skills.  Although this is a parent option, we do encourage all students to be involved, not only for skill revision, but also for creating an organised routine.

Reading is an expectation, and needs to be recorded at least 4 times a week and handed in at least once a week.

Specialist program and Level Sport:

Specialist programs, including PE, take place on a Wednesday morning, and our Level Sport takes place on Fridays.  Therefore students need to wear their Sports Uniform on these two days.


Curriculum Overview

Education in Faith

During this term the students will look at Jesus’s teachings, in particular his commandment to  “Love one another”, and how we can use this to help make decisions in our own lives, as a community and as a global community.  They will explore different groups who demonstrate this commandment in the wider community and then demonstrate their own understanding through community minded actions leading up to Christmas.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Students will be exploring how we build relationships in both friendship groups and working groups, including the importance of respect, exploring different possibilities to solve problems, the need for persistence and the ability to be adaptable.  They will also look at how change can be a challenge and explore ways of dealing with change, especially as they finish off this year and move into their next year of schooling.   



The concepts covered this term are:

Revising the four processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Decimals – Recognising place value to tenths and hundredths, and using them in addition and subtraction problems.

Money- identifying currency, making amounts, giving change and problem solving involving money.

Measurement – Temperature and  Area.

Angles – compare and classify angles as equal to, greater than or less than a right angle.

Chance and Probability- describing possible events outcomes and the chances of them occurring.   

Problem solving strategies to solve worded problems.



In Writing, students will continue to work on their narrative writing (story writing) and focus particularly on punctuation and identifying the different parts of speech, such as verbs and nouns.  They will also explore how to write up procedures/observations for science experiments as well as how to set out a report, including introductions, topic sentences at the start of each paragraph and a conclusion.

Reading activities will focus on both fluency and comprehension of different types of texts including picture fiction books and reports.   The Literacy program will also include personalised spelling.  



This term students will explore a number of concepts including how heat is produced and transferred, the three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) and examples of force and where we find it in our world.  They will also be making predictions, conducting experiments and recording their observations in appropriate formats.


Physical Education

During Term 4, students will prepare for the Twilight Sports Carnival held on Wednesday 6th November. Following the carnival, students will focus on the fundamental motor skill of the two-handed strike. They will practise striking a ball off a tee as well as striking a pitched ball. Students will then practise these skills in modified games such as Teeball, Softball and Cricket. A minor focus during these games will be fielding and positioning as a team, encouraging others and positive talk amongst team members. 


Digital Technologies

In Term 4, the Middle level students will be learning about “algorithms”, which are clear sets of instructions that are used to solve problems. The students will learn how flowcharts can help to map out the steps of a robot’s algorithm. They will use flowcharts with our Sphero robots to complete a number of challenges and they will use Google Sheets to record data about how Sphero robots perform over different surfaces. 


Performing Arts

This term the focus for the Performing Arts Program is Music. The students will be exposed to a variety of music from different cultures and genres, assisting them to describe the characteristics of the music and and identify their personal preferences. They will demonstrate their knowledge of orchestral instruments by identifying them by both sight and sound. During the term, the students will be learning about the history of the ukulele, the basics of strumming and chords as well as learning to play a song together. They will also learn a Christmas Carol and Christmas song as we prepare for our public performance at the Park Orchards Community Carols in December. 



Please make sure your child is the correct school/sports uniform on the appropriate day.

Just a reminder that it is compulsory for all students to wear their school hat during all play times throughout Term 4.  Please ensure that your child has a school hat at school and clearly labelled.



Please come and see us, give us a call or email us if you have any queries or worries:






Carrie, Grace and Gabrielle

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