July 22

Term 4 Overview

Important Dates:
o Tuesday, 6th of October- Project Rockit Incursion
o Wednesday, 21st of October- Italian Cultural Immersion Day
o Year 3/4 Level Mass- Week 5


Social Emotional Learning (SEL):
During Term Four we will be focusing on enhancing the students’ ability to socialise more effectively using emotional intelligence. We will be looking at understandings such as empathy, good manners, friendliness, courage, persistence and resilience, tolerance and acceptance and compassion. These concepts will be covered through various interactive activities such as Circle Time, working through scenarios, role-plays, small group activities using iPads and team building games. As part of our SEL program the students will begin the term by experiencing an incursion workshop by Project Rockit. This workshop is all about encouraging the students to think about the importance of including others, how to make people feel included, not judging people, the importance of manners socially and effective communication. Towards the end of the term, we will also be supporting the students prepare for the transition into their next grade level.

Areas covered in Term Four will be:
Number and Algebra: Problem solving using efficient mental and written strategies, times tables, number sequences involving multiples and money.
Measurement and Geometry: Location and transformation- symmetry, mapping, angles and telling the time.
Statistics and probability: conducting chance experiments.

In Writing, we will be focusing on procedural texts, scientific reports, along with persuasive and narrative texts. We will be engaging students in tasks that will encourage the growth of their confidence to plan, draft and publish their own writing. Reading activities will include exposing the students to a wider range of texts, including digital texts. Students will work at their own level on comprehension while continuing to build their skills and knowledge. The Literacy program will also include explicit teaching of spelling strategies, grammar and punctuation as well as an individualised spelling program.

Our Inquiry focus is Science, specifically, chemical and physical science. The students will be learning about heat and how liquids and solids can change by adding or removing heat. We will also investigate what materials objects are made of and what the properties of materials are and how they influence the use of that material. The students will pose a question related to one of these areas and conduct an experiment to explore their idea. Students will be taught how to keep a scientific journal, using it to record their observations. Each student will present his or her experiment and findings at a level expo. Students will then evaluate their work.

Education in Faith:
This Term we will be exploring the dignity of the human person through having an awareness of the uniqueness and giftedness of each person. We will be reflecting upon Scripture and Church teaching to explore this topic using resources from the Caritas website.

Specialist Classes:
They will be going further with programming both online and offline. The students will also be working on the presentation of digital work using the tools available in particular Google Classroom where the students will be able to submit their work. Following success criteria the children will be able to work on project at school and at home. We are hoping at some point this term to switch over mail to a Gmail Account which the students can learn to customise and use many of the features associated with a school based Gmail account.

During Term 4 the students will be presenting their work on ‘Il Mio Passatempo Preferito’ to the class. They will also be learning more about two Italian cities of their choice. Towards the end of the term the students will be completing activities based on ‘Natale’ (Christmas) in Italy.

Physical Education
Students will participate in Invasion, Striking and Fielding Games focusing on basic game tactics, attack and defence skills, rules, positions, role of the referee/umpire and consider safety aspects. They will continue to discuss their own performance criteria and begin to observe a partner’s performance of motor skills in sport specific settings. Students, in small groups will begin to invent an activity/game for the peers. They will compete in Twilight Sports. Students will also participate in the Beep Test.

Performing Arts
The focus for Performing Arts for this term is Music. The students will be learning to sing some contemporary songs focusing on the elements of music including dynamics, pitch and rhythm patterns. They will listen and respond to a variety of music extending their musical terminology and ability to describe and explain their personal preferences. The students will use musical instruments to develop their understanding and ability to use musical notation. The final learning sessions will include preparation for our Park Orchards Community Christmas Carols.

Looking forward to Term 4!
Grace, Suzanne and Adrian

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