We went to the Zoo!

Our Zoo excursion was a fantastic day for all. It was a great way to consolidate the children’s learning about how important animals are and why we need to do what we can to preserve their existence and the health of their habitats.

Thank you to the many parents who offered to come and to those who came. We could not have done it without you. It was great to have the students in small groups so that they could explore the zoo independently.

Sorry about the late post! Enjoy the holidays! I’m sure the kids would love to revisit the zoo! So much to look at and learn about!


Gab, Carrie and Grace 🍎


What a fantastic and busy term it has been!

If you were unable to attend the Parent Interview night last week please do not hesitate to make an alternative time to meet with your child’s teacher.


On Thursday we will be taking off on our excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. We had an overwhelming response from parents wanting to offer their help by attending the excursion. Sorry we were unable to choose all of you! We sent a note home yesterday giving the chosen parent helpers needed information of the excursion.

Parents/ helpers to attend are:

If you are unable to make it please let us know ASAP so we can ask someone else.

  • Emily Jacobs
  • Morena Petrolo (Blobel)
  • Sarah Noonan
  • Carina de Grazia
  • Sarah De Stratton
  • Anna Bishop
  • Belinda Cahill
  • Angela Massarotti
  • Duncan Allan
  • Nadia Holland
  • Peter Johnson
  • Betty Wiseman (Gibellini)
  • Marisa Latorre
  • Ben or Rachel Davis
  • Vanessa Chen
  • Jo Haste



Last night we held the sacrament of Reconciliation. Fr Jose along with three other visiting priests celebrated this special sacrament with the students.

It was a reverent occasion. Thank you to all the parents who helped to make this sacrament special for the children.

Well done to the students, who have worked hard in their preparation for this sacrament. Thank you to Jane Weekes our RE leader for preparing the liturgy and Ana Saro who helped prepare the visiting students.


Reconciliation Workshop Evening

Last night we had our Reconciliation evening. The candidates, together with their parent(s) gathered as a group to prepare and reflect on the sacrament of Reconciliation. It was lovely to see the children experience a special time with their parent(s). Ingrid, our presenter, encouraged us all to think about the importance of this step in our faith journey. Thank you for your attendance and participation.

The 3/4 team would also like to thank Jane Weekes for assisting us with the preparation of the mass.

Thank you to Fr Jose who visited us last night. We appreciate your support.

Please continue to pray for our Reconciliation candidates.

Reconciliation Sacrament:  WEDNESDAY – 20TH OF MARCH- 7PM to 8PM.

Hi Parents

Thanks to those who has offered their time for this Friday 9 to 9:30am for our quick mental maths program.

Please come to the 3/4 area at 8:45am for a short explanation of how it will be run.

We are looking forward to it!

Please make sure you have a working with children’s check!

Thank you parents!

We have received a lot of offers for parent help for Friday mornings which is great.

This program is a new initiative and we will take the time this week to plan it. At this stage we are hoping to get it started Friday the 22nd which is week 4. If you have emailed us directly we will be in contact with you.


Gab, Carrie and Grace.

Parent Helpers Wanted!

What are you up to Friday mornings?

We would love your help in the 3/4 classrooms to help the students with their quick mental calculations.

From 9:00am- 9:30am as a whole level we will see each child to run through a mental computation activity. For example listening to times tables.

Extra support from the parents will be most valuable to achieve this.

Please email your teacher by Friday the 15th of February, so that we can get this program up and running by week 4.

Gab- gabriellej@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Grace- gcarrick@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Carrie- carbuthnot@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au