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Digital Technologies – Term 4 2019

This term, the middle level students have had a lot of fun learning how to use drag-and-drop block code with our Sphero robots. Two activities that have been particular highlights have been Sphero Darts and the Sphero Long Jump.

As well as programming the robots, students have been required to record data from these activities in Google Sheets. This has led to conversations about how we can compare data and what variables would affect the data (such as the speed of the robot, the slope of a ramp, the distance of a run-up etc).

Digital Technologies Term 3

This term we have had a lot of fun using our school’s Lego WeDo robotics kits. The students have made some amazing miniature robots. It is wonderful to see the Year 4’s recall their learning from last year to help our Year 3’s learn about the programs.

Each lesson, the students have had to work in pairs to build then code their robots. When time allows, they can add extra modifications to the design or to the code to achieve different things. We have focussed on making the robots move in various ways, respond to light/motion, transmit sound/light and triggering events if the robot is off-balance or moved in a particular way.

Here are some snapshots to help demonstrate the types of robots that have been created:






Performing Arts

During Term 2 the students learned and practised new dance steps and then incorporated some of those steps into the creation of a small group dance routine that demonstrated their new learning and skills. This task encouraged them to work together harmoniously as they shared their ideas about the variety of movements and transitions that would best suit the music, as well as what they thought would be aesthetically appealing to an audience. The talents that were on show at the conclusion of this task were wonderful and they were very proud of their efforts. I was particularly pleased with how well they listened to each other and supported one another to learn the steps for their particular dance.

During the term, the students also viewed Australian Aboriginal dances on Youtube and then we discussed their new learning about the dances they viewed. They were then able to merge that understanding with their prior knowledge of aspects of Aboriginal culture. It was great to hear their thoughts and for them to share their appreciation of what dance means to our First Australians.



Digital Technologies Term 4 2018

This term, the Year 3/4s have been using the Lego WeDo kits to build and code miniature space rover robots. The students worked in pairs for the first few lessons to learn the basics of the program, then later in the term worked in teams of two or three people to create their robot.

The finished products showed remarkable creativity and every robot moved in different ways. Here are photos of some of the robots, the code that went with them, and the student comments as they reflected on their work:

We have learned to code robots to move forwards, backwards and use sensors as well (Ned).
A problem we had to solve was when the wheels were moving but then it would stop because it had no grip (Gus).
We had to double-check the instructions that it sent us – sometimes the program would tell us to the wrong robot to build. (Liam)
When we started, we made the ‘walk’ robot but it went backwards. So we had to add the wheels on to fix it. (Isaac)
Something we would change next time would be trying to have more time to make the robot because it was hard to think and add all the things we wanted, then also code to see if it worked. (Paige)
A problem we had to overcome was when we didn’t have that much time to program all that we wanted on our robot (Will M)
Something I could teach another person now would be how to code and make the sensors work (Alex).
Our team worked well when we took it in turns (Brigitte).
The robots would be useful in real life when we need something done that we can’t do (Will M).
I helped others when I showed them how to build and code the robot (Albie).
Something that made me proud was when the robot was working and it could start to move. (Alex)

Our team worked well when we found a way to make everyone included. Some of us were really strong with coding, and some of us were really strong with building (Emer)
We were able to be creative by putting two different types of robots together, like sweep and drive (Will).
I would love to learn more about coding and how to code different things. (Matt)
I was able to help my team when I built the robot. Then we wanted to add extra stuff on like a helicopter but we ran out of time. (Kai)
Someone in my team helped me to code (Mary).
Someone in my team helped me to be able to place the pieces in the correct spot (Matt).
Our goal was to make a robot and we managed to achieve our goal (Ted).
One of the most fun parts was when did coding and made the robots out of Lego (Harvey).
Something that got in the way of achieving my goals was that we didn’t have enough time (Logan).
Something we would change next time would be to include everyone’s designs (Maggie).

Digital Technologies Term 3

This term, the Year 3/4 students have been exploring the concept of ‘iteration’ or ‘looping’ (also known as ‘repetition’). This is when a computer follows a piece of code over and over again until certain criteria are met.

The students have used this same concept in the form of telling a repetitive story about the school robots, while using Google Slides. Each student contributed one slide to their group project about a robot of their choice. They had to make sure their story had an element of repetition or iteration included.

Our robots have now been on many adventures throughout the computer lab! It has been wonderful to see the students’ confidence when using the robots and also when they have been adding extra details to their Google Slides.

Here is an example from each class.

Note: If the videos on each slide do not load after a few moments, you may need to try reloading the page, opening this page on a different computer, or opening this page on a different browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari for Mac etc)

3/4C (Group 3)

3/4M (Group 1)

3/4J (Group 6)



During the last few weeks in Italian, the 3/4 students have been learning ‘La preghiera di Natale’ (an Italian Christmas prayer). The students worked well to say their prayers beautifully. I wish all the students and their families a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday.

Buon natale, felice anno nuovo e buone vacanze a tutti!!

Signora Cannarozzo

Digital Technologies – Term 2 2017

This term, we have been making ‘QR Code Who-Am-I Cubes’.

Each side of the cube has a different QR code printed on it. When the QR code is scanned, it gives a small (cybersafe) clue about who created it. Once finished, the game is to mix them up, choose one at random, scan each side and try to guess which of our classmates created it.

Here is an example of a QR code cube template – can you scan the codes and guess whose it is?

This project has tested our independent problem-solving because we have needed to find a range of different links, turn them into QR codes using, and check each one works correctly.

We have also had to record our voices for one of the QR codes, so we have had to check the sound quality and upload this file to our Google Drives.



Digital Technologies – Term 1 2017

This term the Year 3/4 students have tied in their Inquiry work with the Digital Technologies lessons. They have worked in small groups to create iMovies on the iPads, with the aim of educating and persuading others to save water. This has required a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work with practising their video & editing techniques, as well as script-writing and research to check their facts.

Overall, the end products have been very entertaining and informative.

Click these links for a few examples of their work:

Xavier, Santi & Holly

Alanah K & Amelia

Ella A, Lola & Ava R

Elliot, Oscar & Harrison

Elena, Alexander, Noah & Mia

Tom S, Naia & Mitchell


Year 3/4 ICT Term 4

This term, we have really enjoyed experimenting with our brand new Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics kits. The 3/4 students have shown some amazing creativity and coding skills to make miniature Lego robots. In particular, we have used motion sensors, tilt sensors and motors to explore the ideas of input and output.


We have made many machines which flash lights, make interesting sounds, drive around, and push, pull, lift or carry other items. There have been racing cars, helicopters, cranes, towers, security alarms, joysticks…not to mention Santa sleighs, light-up Christmas trees and motorised reindeer in the lead-up to Christmas.


It has clearly been a very engaging term with many exhilarating ‘Aha!’ moments for the students when they finally coded their robots do what they intended!!

img_0081  img_0086  img_0089 img_0091