Monthly Archives: July 2019

Performing Arts

During Term 2 the students learned and practised new dance steps and then incorporated some of those steps into the creation of a small group dance routine that demonstrated their new learning and skills. This task encouraged them to work together harmoniously as they shared their ideas about the variety of movements and transitions that would best suit the music, as well as what they thought would be aesthetically appealing to an audience. The talents that were on show at the conclusion of this task were wonderful and they were very proud of their efforts. I was particularly pleased with how well they listened to each other and supported one another to learn the steps for their particular dance.

During the term, the students also viewed Australian Aboriginal dances on Youtube and then we discussed their new learning about the dances they viewed. They were then able to merge that understanding with their prior knowledge of aspects of Aboriginal culture. It was great to hear their thoughts and for them to share their appreciation of what dance means to our First Australians.