Digital Technologies Term 4 2018

This term, the Year 3/4s have been using the Lego WeDo kits to build and code miniature space rover robots. The students worked in pairs for the first few lessons to learn the basics of the program, then later in the term worked in teams of two or three people to create their robot.

The finished products showed remarkable creativity and every robot moved in different ways. Here are photos of some of the robots, the code that went with them, and the student comments as they reflected on their work:

We have learned to code robots to move forwards, backwards and use sensors as well (Ned).
A problem we had to solve was when the wheels were moving but then it would stop because it had no grip (Gus).
We had to double-check the instructions that it sent us – sometimes the program would tell us to the wrong robot to build. (Liam)
When we started, we made the ‘walk’ robot but it went backwards. So we had to add the wheels on to fix it. (Isaac)
Something we would change next time would be trying to have more time to make the robot because it was hard to think and add all the things we wanted, then also code to see if it worked. (Paige)
A problem we had to overcome was when we didn’t have that much time to program all that we wanted on our robot (Will M)
Something I could teach another person now would be how to code and make the sensors work (Alex).
Our team worked well when we took it in turns (Brigitte).
The robots would be useful in real life when we need something done that we can’t do (Will M).
I helped others when I showed them how to build and code the robot (Albie).
Something that made me proud was when the robot was working and it could start to move. (Alex)

Our team worked well when we found a way to make everyone included. Some of us were really strong with coding, and some of us were really strong with building (Emer)
We were able to be creative by putting two different types of robots together, like sweep and drive (Will).
I would love to learn more about coding and how to code different things. (Matt)
I was able to help my team when I built the robot. Then we wanted to add extra stuff on like a helicopter but we ran out of time. (Kai)
Someone in my team helped me to code (Mary).
Someone in my team helped me to be able to place the pieces in the correct spot (Matt).
Our goal was to make a robot and we managed to achieve our goal (Ted).
One of the most fun parts was when did coding and made the robots out of Lego (Harvey).
Something that got in the way of achieving my goals was that we didn’t have enough time (Logan).
Something we would change next time would be to include everyone’s designs (Maggie).