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STARLAB Incursion

On Monday, the students in years 3-6 went on a journey through space.  The students got to learn all about the Solar System, galaxies, Earth, Moons, Stars and planet features.  In the STARLAB dome, students were amazed by the interactive space program led by STARLAB.


The day started off with a downpour of rain, luckily the games were played indoors in a brand new stadium in Wantirna.  One by one the junior athletes rolled into the stadium to jump straight onto court 3 to warm up. Mr Mac immediately stopped their game of five on five and set up some small drills.  He wanted to make sure they didn’t burn too much energy before their first game.


The St. Anne’s Angels and St. Anne’s Alligators took to their courts.  St. Anne’s Angels scored an easy victory in their first game as their opponent failed to show up.  The St. Anne’s Alligators took to the court straight after the Angels and went out to a small lead 6-2.  Albie De Rooden was demonstrating his basketball skills, bouncing the ball through his legs, around his back, and through his opponent’s legs before shooting to score two points. His arms were spread like an eagle with a slight brush of each shoulder.  Mitchell Hofmann was excellent in defense blocking his opponents and running the ball up the wing. Ryan Radle was just hanging back at the three-point line getting ready to run to defend.


Round 2, the St. Anne’s Angels found an opponent that was very tough.  Gabriel and Liam were excellent in defense grabbing the rebounds while Kai and Will were running up and down the sidelines.  Bianca and Cartia were excellent, wrestling for the ball and having a few shots at the hoop. Gus Freeman was received a few high fives as he scored some much-needed points for his team.  The Alligators had a strong win in round two. Jess and Jade were the stars in the middle, passing the ball from defense to attack. Will Morrison was strong in defense stealing the ball off their opponents.  Harvey was a great leader for the team, telling his troops were to stand an scoring some much-needed points for the team to gain a victory.


All the games had ended and the children were waiting nervously to find out if they had made it through to the finals.  Both teams made it through to the semi-finals playing at the same time on Court 1 and Court 2. Before the game started, the Angels had a problem with clash tops. A quick run to the change rooms to change tops with the Alligators to fix the problem and then onto the court for the semi-final.  It was a game to forget for the St. Anne’s Angels as they went down to their opponents 12-4. They fought back in the second half but it wasn’t enough to win. The St. Anne’s Alligators did everything they could to try and beat their opponent who was just too good and took the game 24-0. Their opponent was undefeated all day.  


Well done to all the students in the St. Anne’s Angels and Alligators teams.  You all played very well and should be very proud of your efforts. A huge thank you to our coaches for the day, Nicole Fry and Mel Torner, your efforts are greatly appreciated.



St. Anne’s Angels

1st Game – Win by forfeit

2nd Game – Loss 20-10

3rd Game – draw 4-4

4th Game – loss 12-9

Semi Final – Loss 12-4


St. Anne’s Alligators

1st Game – Loss 12-5

2nd Game – Win 10-4

3rd Game – Loss 13-0

4th Game – Loss 14-11

Semi Final – Loss 24-0


Experience Whitefriars Day

On Wednesday, the 3-4 students got to experience what it is like being a student at Whitefriars.  The students participated in learning sessions in English, Religious Education, Science, Physical Education, Numeracy, Art, languages and Commerce.  All the students thoroughly enjoyed the day and are hoping this will occur every year.

Term 4 Overview

Important Dates:

  1. Wednesday 10th October – Experience Whitefriars Day
  2. Thursday 18th October – 3/4C Class Mass
  3. Friday 19th October – 3/4C Assembly Reflection
  4. Wednesday 24th October – Italian Day
  5. Friday 26th October – 3/4M Show and Tell
  6. Monday 29th October – Starlab Incursion
  7. Tuesday 6th November – Melbourne Cup (School Closed)
  8. Thursday 8th November – 3/4M Class Mass
  9. Friday 9th November – 3/4M Assembly Reflection
  10. Monday 12th November – Aquanation Water Safety Program
  11. Friday 16th November – 3/4C Show and Tell
  12. Thursday 22nd November – 3/4J Class Mass
  13. Friday 23rd November – 3/4J Assembly Reflection
  14. Thursday 29th November – Scienceworks Excursion
  15. Friday 7th December – 3/4J Show and Tell
  16. Tuesday 11th December – Orientation Day
  17. Friday 14th December – Students Reports to go home Tuesday
  18. Tuesday 18th December – Last Day of 2018


Incursion / Excursion

Wednesday 10th October – Experience Whitefriars Day

Wednesday 24th October – Italian Day

Monday 29th October – Starlab Incursion

Thursday 29th November – Scienceworks Excursion


Curriculum Overview

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Students will be learning how to start and build a conversation amongst their peers.  They will be given opportunities to sit with students across the level and have a conversation. Students will also learn about conflict resolution and strategies on how to deal with difficult situations. Towards the end of the term, students will be given opportunities to talk about their transition into year 4 or 5 to help reduce anxiety.



The concepts covered this term are:

Number – Skip counting, displaying multiples of a number and practise of multiplication tables, number patterns and reading numbers greater than 1000

Probability – Chance and reading and recording data, using ICT to arrange data

Decimals – Recognising place value to tenths and hundredths.

Measurement – Capacity and Mass.

Money – Adding and subtracting currency, calculating correct change.

Time – Calendar days and months, telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes 



In Writing, students explore the different elements within a poetry text. They will learn about the different types of poetry such as Acrostic, Haiku, Limerick and Diamante. They will explore the different elements of writing texts such as, structure, characters and using descriptive language and text purpose. Students will learn how to write an explanation text and learn how to present confidently in front of an audience.  
Reading activities will include exposing the students to a wide range of texts, including digital texts. Students will work at their own level on comprehending these texts in order to build their skills and knowledge. The Literacy program will also include personalised spelling. Each week students have the opportunity to exchange books to read each week and maintain a regular reading habit.



This term students will learn about how natural and man made factors can influence change on the Earth’s surface.  Students will also learn about the solar system and how the rotation of the Earth on its axis can have some effect towards changes on the Earth surface.  


Education in Faith

To tie Religious Education with our Inquiry unit, students will learn about how God created the Earth in seven days.  Students will gain knowledge about the slight differences between the different creation biblical texts and gain knowledge and understanding of the key elements within these texts. Leading into Christmas, students will learn about Mary and how she was a key figure in Jesus’ life.



During Term 4, the students will be learning to give and respond to simple directions in Italian such as a destra, a sinistra, va avanti and others. They will also continue to focus on using and responding to classroom functional language.

Towards the end of the term, students will learn about Italian Christmas traditions.


Physical Education

During Term 4 Physical Ed lessons, students will be preparing for the Twilight Sports carnival, participating in minor team games and activities followed by Striking and Fielding in Major Games. There will also be a focus on Water Safety where the students will participate in the Water Safety Award which focuses on Water Safety knowledge, CPR and basic reach and throw rescue techniques.


Digital Technologies

This term, the Year 3/4 students will be using the Lego WeDo kits with the school iPads. They will complete some mini-projects to build their familiarity with the different components of the kits and the coding program. They will then work in small groups to create and code a miniature version of a space rover robot. Each group will take a video of their completed robot to present to the class.


Performing Arts

For the first weeks of this term the Performing Arts focus is Drama. Students will participate in, and be exposed to new games and activities to develop their expressive skills such as movement, voice, language and gestures appropriate for different situations and scenarios. Students will respond to their own and others work through self-reflection and feedback as they are developing skills through peer performance. In the second part of the term the students will learn Christmas songs and Carols in preparation for their performance in our Park Orchards Community Christmas event in December.



St. Anne’s offers homework as a part of the school’s educational program.

  • Homework is optional at St Anne’s and at the discretion of the parents
  • Students on intervention programs, may be required to complete additional tasks, however this will be communicated and agreed with the parents of these students.
  • Parents will be advised of homework opportunities at the beginning of the school year
  • All students are encouraged to spend time reading each evening
  • Homework is offered at all levels with the emphasis on the practice of skills in Literacy and Mathematics
  • Years 3-6 students will use school diaries. Diaries provide a means of regular communication between parents and the school and may include details about homework


Homework will:

  • include daily independent reading which is required to be recorded in school diaries
  • Include practising of appropriate number skills
  • include extension of and connection to class work and projects (including Specialist Teacher’s homework when appropriate).


Homework at this level will be approximately one and a half hours per week and will not be set during holidays or during the final week of each term.



In Years 3 – 6, homework will usually be set on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Homework goes out on the Tuesday and is due back in on Monday.  


Additional Information

Student will need to wear their sports uniform on Tuesday and Thursday for Physical Education and Sport.


Please come and see us, give us a call or email us if you have any queries or worries:



Adrian, Grace and Gabrielle