Digital Technologies Term 3

This term, the Year 3/4 students have been exploring the concept of ‘iteration’ or ‘looping’ (also known as ‘repetition’). This is when a computer follows a piece of code over and over again until certain criteria are met.

The students have used this same concept in the form of telling a repetitive story about the school robots, while using Google Slides. Each student contributed one slide to their group project about a robot of their choice. They had to make sure their story had an element of repetition or iteration included.

Our robots have now been on many adventures throughout the computer lab! It has been wonderful to see the students’ confidence when using the robots and also when they have been adding extra details to their Google Slides.

Here is an example from each class.

Note: If the videos on each slide do not load after a few moments, you may need to try reloading the page, opening this page on a different computer, or opening this page on a different browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari for Mac etc)

3/4C (Group 3)

3/4M (Group 1)

3/4J (Group 6)