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Digital Technologies Term 3

This term, the Year 3/4 students have been exploring the concept of ‘iteration’ or ‘looping’ (also known as ‘repetition’). This is when a computer follows a piece of code over and over again until certain criteria are met.

The students have used this same concept in the form of telling a repetitive story about the school robots, while using Google Slides. Each student contributed one slide to their group project about a robot of their choice. They had to make sure their story had an element of repetition or iteration included.

Our robots have now been on many adventures throughout the computer lab! It has been wonderful to see the students’ confidence when using the robots and also when they have been adding extra details to their Google Slides.

Here is an example from each class.

Note: If the videos on each slide do not load after a few moments, you may need to try reloading the page, opening this page on a different computer, or opening this page on a different browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari for Mac etc)

3/4C (Group 3)

3/4M (Group 1)

3/4J (Group 6)



At the St. Anne’s Athletics day, many of our talented 3-4 students made it through to compete in the district athletics carnival.  Many ribbons were won and a number of our students have made it through to the next round, well done! Overall St. Anne’s won by one point.  Great effort to all of the students who competed on the day.


On a chilly Thursday morning, the 3-4 students arrived at 8.20am (20 minutes early) excited and ready for Hooptime.  Many of the year 3 boys and girls are nervous for their very first Hooptime, unable to sit still and constantly checking their watches to see how long until their first game.  The bus was pumping with the sound of singing, ‘Baby shark, da da da da, baby shark da da da da da’, while the teachers couldn’t wait to get off.

Walking into the stadium, 43 teams of kids were running everywhere.  Complete mayhem. 9.30 am and the first games were alive and the stadium erupted with cheers.  For some of the kids transitioning from football mode to basketball mode was difficult with a few kids clotheslining and hip and shouldering some of the other players. Luckily there were no injuries and no rejections. There were plenty of tricks being performed on the court from all of the future stars kids.  Jack Ottens was practicing bouncing the ball through his legs before bringing the ball up the court, Santiago Paulini was doing the Macarena to distract his opponents, Oscar Della Gatta was finger dropping each time he scored some points and Al Stephens was dodging and weaving through his opponents by performing his signature twisting moves. All the coaches of the Future Stars teams were super impressed with how skilled their players were.  

The St. Anne’s Rookies were carving up the court passing and running with the ball and having a laugh.  Matthew Haste was defending brilliantly, stealing the ball off his opponent and throwing baskets over his head.  James McGowan was making sure his teammates were getting plenty of the ball and having shots. Rookies came out overall winners at the end of the day, a fantastic performance.

On Court One, the All Star Boys were warming up for their final game.  Logan was practicing his moves with his mouth open thinking he was Steph Curry, Patrick Duffy was trying rejections on Nate Farrell and Ned Smith was telling Zane Stephens jokes on the sidelines.  Their coach Paul Stephens was frantically getting his strategies ready to give his team the chance for one last win.

On freezing Court Five, the All Star Girls team were fighting for a win.  Having drawn the first game and lost the second game, the girls were desperate for a win.  Coach Paul Guardiani cracked open the lollies and the game plan he put together to get the girls psyched up for the game.  The girls may have gotten a little too psyched up and eaten too many lollies as the referee had said he had never had to do as many jump balls as he did in their game.  Emer Heffernan and Milla Haas were wrestling for the ball while Ivy and Kaylee were gliding down the court for a lay up. The girls had performed very well over the day with only the basket being their real enemy.  

Late in the day, the injuries started to take its toll on some of the teams.  Liam Walsh went off with a sore shoulder from a rough bump, Keegan Arifovic got a blood nose and Archie Northwood was checking in with  Mr Edmonds about his sore arm. Luckily all players were able to return to the court for their teams. Luckily nurse Jury was on the scene and applied the ice packs like a pro.

At the beginning of the final games of the day, Mr Mac rallied his troops to give one last pep talk. He delivered his final speech and game plan inspired from watching a series of YouTube clips and how to blogs. The goal was to score a point.  Having played two games and not scoring any points, Future Stars 8 were fired up to shoot some points. Isaac De Donato shoots and accidentally gets Eylah Papas on the cheek causing her to walk to the bench in distress. After attending to Eylah, Mr Mac turns around to continue coaching his team, looking up at the scoreboard he realises his team had scored two points. Looking over at Mrs Livingstone for confirmation of the points, a fit of laughter erupted from the sidelines as Mr Edmonds, Ms Jury and Mrs Livingstone are in a laughing fit due to Mr Mac missing the only points his team scored in the day!  

Congratulations to Coaches Mel and  Melinda Torner, and Nicola Fry who got both their teams through to the next round. Thank you to all the parents who came out to watch, coach and score for our games.  Without your help, Hooptime wouldn’t be such a big day for the students at St. Anne’s.