December 7

Excursion to the CBD and St. Patrick’s Cathedral

On Tuesday, the 3-4 students embarked on a Christmas journey through the CBD. First stop was Federation Square where they got to see the magical Christmas display. Walking through the city the students were amazed by what they saw, people walking to work, people shopping, construction of buildings, and the ring bells of the trams. At the Myer windows, the students couldn’t keep their eyes off the display.  With numerous cries of hunger, we stopped at parliament steps for morning tea. Looking over at the parents who were having a fantastic time taking selfies, sipping coffee and having a laugh.  We were greeted by Mrs. Weekes brother Fr Michael who came down and took us on a tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The children we dead silent listening to the information and stories Fr Michael was telling them as we walked through the Cathedral. All the students loved the excursion, with many of them wanting to go back for Christmas eve mass.

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