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Inquiry Build Day

Yesterday the 3-4’s had their Inquiry build day. The students got into their teams to discuss their designs and were given one hour to build, 30 minutes to test and then present to the level.  All the students did a fantastic job with their designs. Congratulations to Hamish Noon, Keegan Arifovic, Amber Cannon, Ella Anderson, Cruz Arifovic, Matthew Haste and Gabriel Italiano-Amodio who used 8 simple machines and covered a total distance of 5 meters across the hall.

Tinkering Incursion

This term the 3-4 students have been learning about simple machines for Inquiry. The students got the opportunity to get their hands dirty and pull apart some simple machinery, create electrical circuits and build moving cars as part of their Tinkering Incursion.  All the students loved getting stuck into the activities and found them extremely fun and engaging.

Here are some of the students’ responses:

“We got to pull stuff apart and see how they worked” Soren Augustin

“It was amazing to see what was inside TV’s, speakers and printers and learn about how they work” Logan Ross

“We used crocodile clips to connect circuits which made lights turn on, fans move and produce sound from a speaker” Zane Stephens

“Mel from Supreme Incursions made all the activities really great fun and interesting” Paige Mayorkinos

“When I pulled apart the printer, I found the ink cartridge. My hands got covered in ink when I tried to pull it out” Fletcher Cameron

“I really enjoyed pulling apart the guitar from the game Guitar Hero.  The screws very tricky and I needed to use a special tool to remove them” Jordan Allan

“It was a fantastic incursion, we got to use screw drivers and special wiring tools to pull the items apart. We still struggled to remove some of the covers off the printer and Foxtel box” Alessia Smith


The 3-4 students now look forward to using what they learnt at the incursion to complete their Inquiry assessment task next week. With their group, they are to try making a tennis ball travel from one side of the hall to the other using as many simple machines as they can.  Good luck 3-4’s.




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