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Visit from two very special authors

Over the past week, St. Anne’s has had two well-known authors come and visit the students in grades 3 – 6.  Jack Heath and Morris Gleitzman are two authors that the students of St. Anne’s know very well.  The students have read many of their fantastic books and got to find out some interesting information into how they create their stories.  Morris Gleitzman gave insight into how he creates all of his unusual characters while Jack Heath gave an insight into how to come up with some fantastic ideas as well as how to turn a basic idea into something very special.


On a cold, wet, wintery morning the students in 3/4 we waking up at the crack of dawn with excitement for Hooptime.  An 8.30 am start was planned with the first wave of kids walking through the door at ten past eight, ready to go. Leaving on time was imperative as the All Star Boys had their first match at 9.30 am, which they were reminding the teachers every five minutes. This made the teachers want the buses to arrive a lot quicker.

Arriving at the stadium, the All Star Boys dumped their bags and ran to their basketball court eager to warm up and get into it. The teams started to gather with their coaches, strategies were discussed and the games began. All star boys and girls started off with close matches while the rookies waited eagerly for 30 minutes, eyeing off their opponents. Santiago Polini was getting his team fired up with ninja moves while Ned and Alessia Smith were giving each other a bit of sibling rivalry sting eye as their match against each other was coming up soon.

In the Rookie teams, Hunter Craig scored four points for his winning team and celebrated with a moving back slide across the court. Cameron Cahill was screaming with excitement as his team was undefeated for the day.  Albie De Rooden was shooting from all areas of the court, helping his team to victory. Matthew Haste was pulling out all of his shifty tricks trying to fool his opponent.

The six Future Stars teams had mixed emotions throughout the day. Win, loss, win, loss, they ploughed forwarded to secure a victory for each team.  It was a tough draw for the Future Stars as there were three St. Anne’s teams in each draw. Did this stop them from being aggressive and wanting to win the games? No, they were going at it even harder. Hamish Noonan grabs the ball, runs down the wing, shoots and scores for his team. Running back down the court he gives the index finger salute to the sky.  Future Stars three played a defensive structure to help secure a win, Naia Jones was soldiering on through the games and the big Smith vs Smith game was about to start.  While interviewing Ned Smith’s team coach Sue Smith, she claims she will be showing no mercy. After the game, she wished she was coaching Alessia’s team as Ned was getting frustrated with his mums coaching strategy. Soren Augustin was performing magical pirouettes as he shoots, making his opponent bamboozled with which direction he was going to go.  

All Star Boys and Girls had a mixed draw, winning two games comfortably and two games within a point. Xavier Raso’s legs felt like they were going to drop off, Logan Ross had sweat dripping from his forehead and Austin Foxwell was playing like he was in the NBA, running around players and shooting from all angles. Winning all their games they made it to the final.  Lucas and Jack were talking tactics while their coach, Paul Stevens was trying to gain their attention.  Goal after the goal it was neck and neck.  11 – 10 to St. Anne’s with 1 minute of the clock. Everyone’s hearts were pounding with excitement. Lucas Nicholls scoring 2 points with a fist pump to the chest edged them closer to victory. Only one score divided the two teams. Tom Saro grabs the rebound, passes off to Austin Foxwell who shoots and scores two points for his team with 10 seconds remaining on the clock. The All Star Boys won the final and are going to regionals. Players were running in from all directions, high fives, hugs and screams of joy filled court 1.

All Star Girls were playing well as a team throughout the tournament.  The passing was quick and Annie Harrison was unstoppable down the wing.  Shots were being made left, right and centre by Amber Cannon and Ella Harrison.  Eva Guardiani had 5 cheeky steals for the day and Sienna Pisotek kept on fighting her opponents for the ball.  All Star Girls winning their last game of the draw 23 – 0 as they go into the finals.  It was time for the final of the tournament, the girls were nervous and were playing at the same time as the All Star Boys final.  Parents were going back and forth between the two courts, not knowing which court to watch as both games were within a couple of points. First six minutes of the game had gone and there were three points dividing the two teams. The ref calls a foul on St. Anne’s giving Bayswater North two shots to take the lead. The first shot missed.  Amber Cannon was standing on the side biting her nails as she waits nervously.  The second shot goes in and the scores were level.  5 seconds remaining with scores tied up 13 – 13.  Annie Harrison grabs the ball and starts charging down the court. The ref blows his whistle and calls a foul, Annie has been given two shots with 3 seconds left.  Standing on the line with her legs shaking, she takes two bounces, shoots and misses.  Her team pats her on the head and wishes her good luck on the second shot.  Annie takes two bounces, looks up at the ring, shoots and the ball goes in. St. Anne’s takes the lead.  Screams fill the stadium as the All Star Girls take the lead.  3, 2, 1 the buzzer sounds the girls scream with excitement.  The All Star Girls are through to regionals.

A huge thank you to all the parents who took the time to come out and coach, score and be a spectator for the day. The students in 3-4 appreciate your support. Good luck to the teams who have gone through to regionals.


From the 3-4 team.