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Term 1 Overview

Important Dates:

  1. Wednesday 8th February – Parent information night starting at 7 pm
  2. Thursday 9th February – Beginning of school Mass
  3. Friday 10th February – 3/4C Assembly reflection
  4. Thursday 16th February – 3/4M Class Mass
  5. Friday 17th February – 3/4M Assembly reflection
  6. Friday 24th February – 3/4J Show and Tell
  7. Tuesday 28th February – Reconciliation Workshop at 7 pm
  8. Wednesday 1st March – Ash Wednesday Mass
  9. Saturday 4th March – Strawberry Fair
  10. Friday 10th March – 3/4M Show and Tell
  11. Wednesday 22nd March – Reconciliation (Session 1)
  12. Thursday 23rd March – Reciliation (Session 2)
  13. Friday 31st March – 3/4C Show and Tell
  14. Friday 31st March – Last day of Term 1


Workshop 7 pm Tuesday 28th February

Reconciliation Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 23rd March


Reflection day Friday 4th August

Eucharist Sunday 6th and 13th of August

Curriculum Overview

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

During Term 1, the students will be given opportunities to get to know their new classmates and developing new friendships.  These concepts will be covered through interactive activities such as circle time, role play, group tasks and team building games.



The concepts covered this term are:

Place Value – Finding the value of a digit in a number and showing a visual representation of a number.

Addition and Subtraction – Single and double addition and subtraction.  Addition and Subtraction with regrouping.

Shape – Axis, Vertices, Corners, 2D and 3D

Statistics and Probability – Collecting data and graphing



In Writing, students will explore the different elements within a narrative text such as, structure, characters and using descriptive language..
Reading activities will include exposing the students to a wide range of texts, including digital texts. Students will work at their own level on comprehending these texts in order to build their skills and knowledge. The Literacy program will also include personalised spelling (a component of their weekly homework). Each week students have the opportunity to exchange books to read each week and maintain a regular reading habit.



The topic students will be learning about is the use and management of natural resources and waste, and different views on how to do this sustainably. Students will be investigating why water is important in our lives and on the environment, how to reduce water wastage and the impact water has on different places around the world.


Education in Faith

In this unit, students explore the concepts of forgiving and healing through the sacrament of Reconciliation. They explore the different Rites of Reconciliation celebrated in the Catholic Church. They examine the four stages of reconciling a friendship. Students are invited to write their own prayers of forgiveness and healing and to express their new learnings in a display for the school.



During Term 1, the students will revise the numbers to 100, days of the week, colours, greetings and months of the year in Italian.  The students will also be learning about water safety (stare sani al mare e nella piscina).  They will be learning to identify basic safety skills and strategies at the beach and at a pool.  They will also be learning the methods for recognising and avoiding harmful situations.  They will be producing role plays based on basic safety skills at the beach and at a pool.


Physical Education

The Years 3 and 4 classes’ unit goal is to bounce a regulation ball consecutive times on the spot and through obstacles whilst maintaining control of the ball. At home, students could use a wall to bounce and catch against. Practice bouncing your ball in front of you; on one side; on the other side. Bounce your ball high with two hands. Bounce it low. Can you bounce your ball from high to low? Or from low to high?


Digital Technologies

This term, the Year 3/4 students will be learning how to use their school email accounts appropriately. They will also use the iPads to create a short video and access the recording studio to make an audio recording related to their inquiry studies.


Performing Arts

In Term One the primary focus of the Performing Arts Program is Drama. Students will explore ideas around their inquiry theme of sustainability. They will create a short script and demonstrate their understandings through roles and situations and use empathy in their own improvisations and devised drama. Students will learn to describe and discuss similarities and differences between drama they create, perform and view. An important goal for this term’s work is to build confidence in the students, participate fully and to have fun learning together in teams.



St. Anne’s offers homework as a part of the school’s educational program.

  • Homework is optional at St Anne’s and at the discretion of the parents
  • Students on intervention programs, may be required to complete additional tasks, however, this will be communicated and agreed with the parents of these students.
  • Parents will be advised of homework opportunities at the beginning of the school year
  • All students are encouraged to spend time reading each evening
  • Homework is offered at all levels with the emphasis on the practice of skills in Literacy and Mathematics
  • Years 3-6 students will use school diaries. Diaries provide a means of regular communication between parents and the school and may include details about homework


Homework will:

  • include daily independent reading which is required to be recorded in school diaries
  • Include practising of appropriate number skills
  • Include extension of and connection to class work and projects (including Specialist Teacher’s homework when appropriate).


Homework at this level will be approximately one and a half hours per week and will not be set during holidays or during the final week of each term.



In Years 3 – 6, homework will usually be set on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Homework goes out on Tuesday and is due back in on Monday.  


Additional Information

Students will need to wear their sports uniform on Monday and Tuesday for sport and PE.


Please come and see us, give us a call or email us if you have any queries or worries:



Adrian, Grace and Gabrielle