Monthly Archives: December 2016

Year 3/4 ICT Term 4

This term, we have really enjoyed experimenting with our brand new Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics kits. The 3/4 students have shown some amazing creativity and coding skills to make miniature Lego robots. In particular, we have used motion sensors, tilt sensors and motors to explore the ideas of input and output.


We have made many machines which flash lights, make interesting sounds, drive around, and push, pull, lift or carry other items. There have been racing cars, helicopters, cranes, towers, security alarms, joysticks…not to mention Santa sleighs, light-up Christmas trees and motorised reindeer in the lead-up to Christmas.


It has clearly been a very engaging term with many exhilarating ‘Aha!’ moments for the students when they finally coded their robots do what they intended!!

img_0081  img_0086  img_0089 img_0091