Monthly Archives: November 2016

Clay Incursion

The 3/4 students have been learning about making 3D objects using clay.  They learn’t how to make clay animals and masks.  During the incursion, Jane taught the children how to make Santa sleigh, Christmas trees and Angels.  The students cannot wait to get them back next week after they have been heated up in Jane’s kiln. Stay tuned for the final result.

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Team Building Incursion

On Friday, the 3/4 students participated in a team building incursion.  The idea of the incursion is for the students to build new friendships, learn to communicate and work as a team to complete the tasks.  The students reflected on the importance of communication and working as a team as well as working with students who they haven’t worked with before.

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Science Incursion

The 3/4 children were very excited to learn more about the Earth, Moon and Sun.  Anna from Hands on Science came to St. Anne’s to teach the students about space orbits, gravitational pull, planets, moons, eclipse and seasons.  The students loved the hands on approach and are now using what they learnt in their Inquiry presentations.

img_20161116_094801 img_20161116_094955 img_20161116_121325 img_20161116_094727 img_20161116_094756