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St. Anne’s Feast Day

Today the St. Anne’s Community celebrated St. Anne’s Feast day.  The students grandparents came to the school to participate in the mass, have a look at what their grandchildren have been learning and be entertained at the school assembly before sitting down and eating lunch together. Many of the students have been running around the school saying ‘best day ever!’.

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Indigenous Unit

As part of the Level Three inquiry process students are involved in discussions around ‘The Stolen Generation’ so it might be worthwhile familiarising your self with Kevin Rudd’s apology Speech. Please find the link below…

Be aware that this is the shortened version and the full 30 minute speech is available on You Tube.

The speech created much discussion about this time in “Our Story”. It was and still is a controversial time during Australia’s history.


First Eucharist Workshop


On Tuesday night, the students who are celebrating their First Holy Communion, came together to participate in the First Eucharist Workshop. Our facilitator Mary ran an engaging workshop that entertained and engaged the students. On Friday the 5th of August, the students will be participating in their First Eucharist reflection day.  

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Term 3 Overview



Important Dates:

  1. Thursday 28th July – St Anne’s Feast Day
  2. Monday 1st August – Athletics Day yr 3-6
  3. Friday 5th August – Eucharist Reflection Day
  4. Sunday 7th August – Eucharist Mass
  5. Sunday 14th August – Eucharist Mass
  6. Wednesday 31st August – School Concert at 7pm
  7. Thursday 1st September – Hooptime
  8. Thursday 15th September – Level 3/4 Mass
  9. Friday 9th September – Art Incursion


Curriculum Overview

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

In SEL, students will be learning about self management Self Management- being aware of your emotions and how to manage them (eg self talk), anxiety, self esteem, educating students on general mental health issues, eg, depression.



The concepts covered this term are:

Decimals – Recognising place value to tenths and hundredths.

Geometry – Symmetry

Multiplication – Skip counting, displaying multiples of a number and practise of multiplication tables.

Division – Grouping, division patterns and division facts

Measurement – Metric units, Temperature, Capacity and Mass.

Data – Gather data and display in a graph

Angles – Greater than, less than or equal to

Fractions –  compare fractions of half, quarter and thirds and equivalent fractions.



In Writing, students explore the different elements within a poetry text. They will learn about the different types of poetry such Acrostic, Haiku, Limerick and Diamante. Student’s will learn about persuasive language, structure and develop an argument to persuade the reader. They will also learn how to gather information about a topic and write a detailed and structured lesson plan. The Literacy program will also include personalised spelling (a component of their weekly homework).
In Reading, activities will include exposing the students to a wide range of texts, including digital texts. Students will work at their own level on comprehending these texts in order to build their skills and knowledge.


Students will be learning about The diversity and longevity of Australia’s first peoples and the significant ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are connected to Country and Place and the effects on their daily lives.

Education in Faith

They explore the concept of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist through the four modes, i.e., the priest, the Assembly, the Word and, above all, in his Body and Blood. Through the exploration of the two part structure of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist they develop a knowledge of the key actions, words and symbols and the associated accounts in Scripture


Students will continue to apply their skills to athletics such as hurdles, high jump, shot put, discus, circular relay and triple jump.  They will discuss their own performance criteria and begin to observe a partner’s performance of motor skills in sport specific settings.  They will compete in the School Athletics Carnival.  Students will also participate in Hooptime and Beep Test.


This term, the Year 3/4 students will explore different ways to plan and record stories. In particular, they will be using Storybird ( to create a story, with the aim of recording it as an audiobook towards the end of this term or early next term.


Performing Arts

This term students will prepare for our school concert through learning song and expressive movement.  Students will contribute to the overall production that has a theme of caring for our environment.

Students will learn to think, move and express themselves with confidence.  They will learn to use choreographic movement to create and select sequences of actions to communicate ideas about themselves and their world to an audience.  They will aim to perform safely, with control, accuracy, projection and focus.

Students will explore the purpose and intention of the message of their performance for themselves and their audience.

Elements of social development, such as team-work, listening and following directions to prepare and perform safely for a public performance will be emphasized.


Homework will be given out to students on Thursday and returned for marking every Wednesday.  Please make sure that reading is recorded and signed in students diaries. Students are required to complete 90 minutes of homework each week including 4 x 15min reading sessions.  


Please come and see us, give us a call or email us if you have any queries or worries:



Adrian, Grace and Suzanne

First Eucharist Workshop

Dear 3/4 Parents,

The children who are celebrating their First Eucharist this year will need to attend the First Eucharist Workshop on Tuesday 19th of July at 7.30pm.  The workshop facilitator has asked for the children to bring a picnic rug to sit on during the workshop. 


Adrian, Grace and Suzanne