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Year 3-4 Cross Country

On Wednesday, the Year 3 and 4 students competed in the St. Anne’s Cross Country.  All students completed the course very well and some making it on to districts.  We were fortunate enough to have fantastic weather on the day! Congratulations to all the students who have made it through! Great Effort!

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Term 2 Overview


Important Dates:

  1. 3/4M Show and Tell Friday 15th April
  2. 3/4F Show and Tell Friday 29th April
  3. 3/4C Class Mass Thursday 21st April
  4. Cross Country Wednesday 27th April (9am – 11am)
  5. Student Free day on Friday 6th May
  6. NAPLAN – 10th – 12th May
  7. 3/4M Class Mass Thursday 26th May
  8. 3/4C Show and Tell Friday 3rd June
  9. 3/4F Class Mass Thursday 9th June
  10. Student free day Monday 6th June (Queens Birthday)
  11. Student Report to be handed out Friday 17th of June
  12. Parent Teacher Chats Tuesday 21st June
  13. St Vincent’s Whole School Mass Thursday 23rd of June
  14. Mother’s Day Stall is held on Wednesday 4th May
  15. Mother’s Day Breakfast is on Thursday 5th May

Curriculum Overview

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Students explore social awareness including friendship skills and bullying. Recognising what others may be feeling, trying to understand a situation from another point of view and accepting and valuing people who are different from ourselves. Students explore how to identify bullying behaviours and to seek help to solve social problems.


The concepts covered this term are:

Statistics and Probability – Certain, probable or unlikely.

Money – Counting coins and notes, purchasing and adding and subtracting money amounts.

Multiplication – Skip counting, displaying multiples of a number and practise of multiplication tables.

Division – Grouping, division patterns and division facts

Measurement – Formal and informal measurement units, perimeter and area of a shape.

Data – Gather data and display in a graph

Angles – Greater than, less than or equal to

Fractions –  compare fractions of half, quarter and thirds.

In Writing, students explore the different elements within a narrative text.  They will learn about a narratives orientation, complication and resolution. Student’s will learn about persuasive language, structure and develop an argument to persuade the reader. They will also learn how to gather information about a topic and write a detailed and structured report. The Literacy program will also include personalised spelling (a component of their weekly homework).
In Reading, activities will include exposing the students to a wide range of texts, including digital texts. Students will work at their own level on comprehending these texts in order to build their skills and knowledge.

Students will be participating in an innovation unit titled ‘Back to the Future’. Students will demonstrate an ability to be innovative and creative thinkers in a world of change. They will choose to develop an innovation from Cars, Computers or Food.  At the end of the term, students will present their innovations to the class.

Education in Faith
Student’s identify with people of the Church, current and past, who embody discipleship. Student’s will learn about Mary’s life, her discipleship and Saints that have followed in her footsteps.

The students will be planning a trip to Italy in Italian. They will be making a passport and deciding what to pack in their suitcase. They will also decide on a particular landmark that they would like to visit.

Students will continue to develop their fitness by participating in Cross Country training.  They will set goals linked to achieving personal best.  They will discuss performance criteria and begin to apply their skills in modified major games such as netball, football and soccer as well as athletics activities such as hurdles and high jump.  Students will also participate in the Beep Test.

In Term 2, the Year 3/4 students will be extending their knowledge about using the Google Search Engine. They will analyse different types of search results and learn strategies that help to locate accurate information more quickly and efficiently online. They will also learn about online mind-mapping tools and Google Apps templates to present their thoughts and work in personal and unique styles.

Performing Arts
This term in the Performing Arts program the main focus is Drama. Students will participate in a variety of activities including role-play in scripted scenes, improvisation and mime.They will build upon their understanding of the elements of drama that include role, relationships, movement and voice, appropriate for different characters and scenarios.The students will be taught to respond to their performance through self-reflection and feedback as they are developing skills, techniques and processes for expressing their emotions and ideas. Important goals for this term’s learning are to build confidence in the students, have them participate fully and collaboratively together and have fun whilst encouraging one another’s creativity.

Homework will be given out to students on Thursday and returned for marking every Wednesday.  Please make sure that reading is recorded and signed in students diaries. Students are required to complete 90 minutes of homework each week which includes 4 x 15min reading sessions.  

Please come and see us, give us a call or email us if you have any queries or worries.


Adrian, Grace and Suzanne

Performing Arts

Plato music quote

This term the students were exposed to music from different lands and cultures. They watched a short youtube video to assist them to understand music from different cultures that included Indigenous Aboriginal music, Hawaiian and traditional African music. They also learned what the term ‘culture’ means. The students were introduced to a wide range of different instruments in musical families and discussed their names, sounds and how they are played. They played untuned percussion instruments and began to create a short soundscape with a partner, to complement a poem. At the end of the term, they sang familiar pop songs of their choice together, focussing on pitch and tempo in particular. We had a lot of fun and I look forward to our Dance and Drama components of the Performing Arts program in Term Two.


image imageThe children in Level 3/4 have been working together in Italian to show their understanding of masculine and feminine agreements in Italian ( nouns and adjectives ending usually in ‘a’ or ‘o’ or sometimes in ‘e’).