March 26

Working Together

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The Year 3/4 students have been learning about working as part of a team and the skill of striking a ball in games such as cricket and tennis.

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March 20

Multi-age Activity – Action against bullying

On Friday the student’s at St. Anne’s spent one hour with a mix of students from Foundation through to Year 6.  The purpose of this time is for students to get to know one another and learn about a particular topic.  This Term we have a focus on bullying.  Students learnt about the different types of bullying and the effects bullying can have on people. They had a choice of completing a bullying poster, bullying slogans or acting out a bullying scenario.

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March 14

Scavenger Hunt Excursion.

With buckets in hand, rubber gloves on and many parents to tame the excited students we set off on a walk to find rubbish and to look for any local services offered in Park Orchards. We discovered a range of  local services and a great deal of rubbish. Students were also on the look out for any issues they might like to address in our upcoming elections. Thank you to our many volunteers for helping to make our excursion a success.
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March 10

Kevin Andrews – Government member for Menzies

On Tuesday, Kevin Andrews visited the Year 3-6 students and spoke to them about his role within the Federal Government.  He gave great insight into what it is like to be a Government representative as well as the people who he has met, worked with and things that he has been proud of achieving since being elected in 1991.  One student ask the question: What is the best way to write a speech? Kevin answered by asking the students to give him a topic we are currently working on and three reasons as to why it is important.  On the spot he delivered a speech about the topic along with his three reasons.  All the teachers were very impressed.

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March 3

ICT Term 1 2016

Recently the Year 3/4 students have been using the school email system to email their friends and teachers – and included some great emojis!

They have also revised some important rules about emails:

Jamie: “No sharing passwords. Don’t share your email with strangers. Don’t swear. Be cybersafe.”

Charmaine: “Be nice. Don’t be nasty.”

Summer: “Use appropriate language. Keep your password to yourself. Don’ t send rude pics our anything. Send to only your friends”

Daniel: “Never share your password to others. Do not use others passwords. Don’t make inappropriate passwords just because friends thinks it is cool. Don’t steal passwords.”

Max: “Don’t open a unknown email. Never send a rude email. Don’t get fooled by a spam. Never tell your password to anyone.”

Anna: “Don’t open any emails with attachments that are not close to you or that you don’t know personally. Don’t be rude or mean. Make sure you are having a nice time if not end emailing. Make sure you are SAFE.”
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