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During Term 3 the children talked about their favourite hobbies (il mio passatempo preferito…) and worked on presentations to the class. The creativity displayed was amazing!!

they also revised days of the week and months of the year in Italian completing games and activities on these topics.


Throughout the term, students continued to apply their skills to athletics events such as hurdles, high jump, shot put, discus, circular relay and long jump.    The students competed in the School Athletics Carnival held at Proclamation Park.  Some students represented St Anne’s at the recent Ringwood District Athletics Carnival.

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Project Rockit Workshop!


Next term the whole 3/4 level will be experiencing a visit from Project Rockit!
This is an social and emotional learning focused incursion.
This fun and interactive workshop will cover issues such as:
-fitting in and inclusion
-nice play
-effective communication and body language
-other important social skills, empathy, resilience which boost positive peer relationships

We are really looking forward to this experience!
Please visit their website if you are interested!

Introducing Google Classroom

The year 3/4 students have another way of handing in their work and they don’t even have to be at school.


One of the latest releases from Google in the education field is called “Google Classroom“. Essentially the children are given an assignment which could included resources in the form of weblinks, announcements, text and videos. The children then complete the task and upload it to their online classroom. The teacher sees who’s handed their work and is able see it online. Time is given in ICT for children to hand their work in even if they were not in class at the time. Google Classroom is a step towards “anywhere anytime” learning.