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Il Sole e il Vento.

imageimageDuring Term 2 the children read the story ‘Il Sole e il Vento’ in Italian and completed activities associated with the story.

They learnt a chant from the story and recorded each other saying it as well as sharing it with the class as an oral presentation. They worked in pairs to produce a poster based on the use of the superlative in Italian ( piu forte, grande, bello etc…).



Data Logging!

Each of the 3/4 classes have had the opportunity this term to work with Mrs. Dame on data logging. We used Spark machines which could measure our heart rate, temperature and light intensity. It was very interesting to be able to see these machines generate linear graphs.

Adam and Tom measuring temperature!

Adam and Tom measuring temperature!

Tom, Adam and Mrs. Dame measuring Tom's heart rate!

Tom, Adam and Mrs. Dame measuring Tom’s heart rate!

Aidan and Ben measuring Ben's heart rate!

Aidan and Ben measuring Ben’s heart rate!

Lucas, Charlie, Jacob, Kalan and Joel!

Lucas, Charlie, Jacob, Kalan and Joel!

Outdoor MATHS Fun!







IMG_0273Today, as a level, we participated in some maths problem solving outside focusing on our learning about length, perimeter, angles, circumference, distance and lots of measuring!
Thank you very much to the parents who helped us with the activities.



Jump Off Day

Last week the Year 3/4 students participated in the Jump Rope For Heart ‘Jump Off Day’.  Students skipped their way through the Physical Education Lesson demonstrating the skills of Criss-Cross, ball skipping with a partner, skip on the run and long rope skipping. They enjoyed trying new challenges such as double dutch and the pretzel.  The students are taking the skills they have learnt to the next level by inventing their own tricks.

iphone june 962iphone june 913

The Eucharist

Term Three will be an important time for the students in Year Four as they prepare for their First Eucharist. We have already begun to discuss celebrations in our families and draw comparisons between this and the Mass. We will continue to prepare the students and are going to invite Father Jo into the classroom early in Term Three. A valuable resource for teachers and parents alike is the Together At One Altar website.
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