07-0609-783_coOur focus for Term Two is history. We started with celebrations and commemorations in Australia. Part of this was an investigation into and the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Anzac Day. The students then began to investigate other cultures and the celebrations that have been integrated into our Australian way of life. From there each grade has selected a country to investigate in depth. 3 4 F China 3 4 M Vietnam 3 4 C Italy Our focus is how and why people from these countries immigrated to Australia and how much influence they have had on Australia. Discussions in Literacy and Inquiry have been based around refugees and immigration.
Following are some suggestions for activities and places of interest you may like to attend on weekends. Enjoy!
The immigration Museum
A visit to China town in the city.
A stroll through Richmond (little Vietnam) taking particular note of the archway in Victoria Parade
Lunch or dinner in Carlton.
Sandridge Bridge On this bridge there are panels of statistics about immigration into Victoria.