Monthly Archives: March 2015


In Italian in Term 1 the middle school has been learning lots of useful classroom vocabulary. The students have worked in groups to produce posters on language used in the classroom such as ‘Ascoltate'(Listen!) and ‘Posso and are al bagno?'(Can I go to the bathroom?). They also worked in pairs to create videos in which they introduced themselves and spoke about what they like to do at school using ‘mi piace’.image


The world of Google

The year 3’s and 4’s received their Google accounts this term after the Catholic Education Office announced all Catholic Primary Schools in Victoria will be using and Education known as GAFE.

(Google Apps for Education). The students are able to create documents, sheets, presentations and drawings online. The big game changer here is that the children will be able to access their work from school and home. Once logged into their account, all work is automatically saved. We have created specific folders for the children to store their work and their class teachers have access to all work they do. They also have the capability of working with other children on the same document – even if they are not at school.



T20 Blast

The students have been learning the rules to T20 Cricket. T20 Blast is a modified cricket game. Students play in a partnership. They bat together for 2 overs, then one person wicket-keeps, whilst the other bowls. They have been focusing on their hand/eye coordination whilst batting and in doing so have been rewarded with plenty of 4’s and 6’s. Players also have the opportunity to double their runs, if they hit the ball into the double play zone. Bowlers are trying to keep the ball on the pitch so that the opposition isn’t rewarded with a free hit play if a no-ball or wide is played.

The students in Level Three were treated to a second Incursion last week by another of our talented parents. Jo visited each of the rooms to teach the students about the ear, our hearing and the world of a deaf person. They were entranced and engaged from the opening minute when she began to sign to them. They acted out all the parts of the ear! Amazing. Enjoy the photosIMG_0146