Yoga Reflections

The students in Level Three reflected on our Yoga sessions. Here are some of the comments they made…

  • Relaxing
  • Like to try to balance because I find it hard
  • Relaxing at the end
  • Balancing and peaceful
  • Tired and peaceful
  • Quiet because school is pretty noisy most of the time
  • Effective for his neck problems
  • Like the slow pace- it calms me down a lot
  • Found it hard to concentrate- to slow down for that long
  • I really love it
  • I wish we could do it all year

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2 thoughts on “Yoga Reflections

  1. Kathy van der Haar

    I love Yoga too! It’s so relaxing. 3/4V are sensational at having a go at the stretches and balances, and DEFINITELY enjoy the relaxation at the end (some of us even get a bit sleepy!)

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