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Hooptime success for All Stars

Runners Up in State Hooptime Competition.hooptime d_9_45hooptime d_9_124 hooptime d_9_101

On Monday the boys All Star team competed in the State Hooptime competitions. Some very nervous Year Three and Four boys travelled to Dandenong to compete in a major competition.

After two early and very close losses the boys pulled themselves together and started on their path to the finals. Close games were the order of the day as the boys won their way through the early morning games and into the Qualifying finals. A win by 1 point put them into the Quarter Finals. It seemed the boys enjoyed doing it the hard way. A semi final win over a team that hadn’t lost all day put them into the Grand final. The parade was a great celebration of the achievements of each of the 20 teams involved in the day.

While the boys tried hard in the Grand Final they were unable to pull off another come from behind win. Determination and good sportsmanship were features of the day. Thanks to Terri for her calm coaching style on the day. The boys really appreciated your efforts. Thankyou also to the parents who supported the boys throughout the day.

Yoga Reflections

The students in Level Three reflected on our Yoga sessions. Here are some of the comments they made…

  • Relaxing
  • Like to try to balance because I find it hard
  • Relaxing at the end
  • Balancing and peaceful
  • Tired and peaceful
  • Quiet because school is pretty noisy most of the time
  • Effective for his neck problems
  • Like the slow pace- it calms me down a lot
  • Found it hard to concentrate- to slow down for that long
  • I really love it
  • I wish we could do it all year

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