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Happening Events in Level Three


Two teams headed off to Nunawading Stadium to play the Regional level of Hooptime. The students involved tried their hardest, showing fierce determination to do their best. They had a wonderful day and demonstrated great sportsmanship.


Last week the students began their five weeks of Yoga. Jo talked to the students about the importance of breathing and allowing their body to be calm and relaxed. All students responded to the session. We are linking these sessions with work in the classroom about using calming strategies to alleviate worries. We are also discussing the importance of recognising that some worries are the same for all people and others are specific to individuals.

Italian Day.

Thank you to all the parents and students who made an effort to dress up and support our annual Italian Day. The students worked through different activities such as Bocce, building the Tower of Pisa, waiter races and Soccer. After play they were treated to a magic show with Luigi Zucchini. All left the hall saying, “How did he do that?” The show was very clever and entertaining.


Dear Parents,

                         Welcome back to Term Four! We can’t believe we are already in our final term for 2014 and we look forward to making it a memorable term for the children. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Level Three Blog. Enter via the school website, click on Learning and Teaching tab and follow the Blog link. We are trying to make the Blog more interactive so we will be encouraging students to respond to posts this term. Of course we also welcome your comments and input. You may wish to register to receive email alerts for new posts. 

Whole school Fitness (Mon-Thursday) and Meditation (Fri) continues to be whole school activities that commence as soon as the 8.55am bell sounds. Please ensure children are at school on time for these activities. 


We would like to remind all students to bring their diary to school each day. It is expected that the students read four times per week for a minimum of fifteen minutes and that this is recorded in the diary. Parents are asked to sign the diary weekly. The children are also required to have a novel at school each day.  


Most children have taken on the responsibility of completing and handing in Homework regularly. Please continue to encourage your child to be organized and ready to hand in Homework each Tuesday. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

During Term Four our primary focus will be on recognising and dealing with anxiety and working towards improving and implementing self- calming strategies.  Our five week Yoga program will form part of this learning and will hopefully provide further strategies for the students.

 YOGA: Yoga classes will commence on Thursday 23rd October and continue for the following four Thursdays. Students may wear their sports uniform on this day. We ask them to bring a Yoga mat or a towel for use during the class. 


This term there is a primary focus on consolidation and revision. Areas covered in Term Four will include:

Number and Algebra: Subtraction and Division; Problem Solving activities

Measurement and Geometry: Symmetry and mapping

Statistics and probability: Data collection and graphing; Chance activities.

Please continue to take opportunities to strengthen times tables and number facts, including use of the excellent resource, Mathletics. 


In Writing, we will be focusing on Narratives and Reports. Literacy classes will continue to include grammar, punctuation and word study activities. Through a variety of Reading and Viewing activities, the students will continue to be encouraged to deepen their comprehension skills in such areas as making connections, inferring meaning and analysing texts. 


Our Inquiry unit for this Term is titled ‘What a Wonderful World’. The students have been introduced to different areas of Environmental Science such as Earth, plants and animals. They will be considering sustainability and their responsibility in caring for the environment. They will be given the opportunity to investigate an area of interest. 

Education in Faith:

This Term we will be focusing on Creation and caring for the wonderful world God has given us. The students will draw on Old Testament texts and other religious texts such as prayers, songs and artwork to explore the image of God as creator, and to consider their lives and all of creation as gifts of God. They will explore the Creation accounts in Genesis. The students will identify and plan ways that they can be stewards of creation. 


During Term 4 the children will be learning about ‘L’orario’ (time telling) in Italian.

They will also be completing Natale (Christmas) activities. 

Physical Education and Sport:

Students will participate in Invasion, Striking and Fielding Games focusing on basic game tactics, attack and defence skills, rules, positions, role of the referee/umpire and consider safety aspects.  They will continue to discuss their own performance criteria and begin to observe a partner’s performance of motor skills in sport specific settings.  Students, in small groups will begin to invent an activity/game for the peers.  They will compete in Twilight Sports.  Students will also participate in the Beep Test. 

Performing Arts:

In Term 4, the students will learn about cultures around the world and how they celebrate Christmas. They will explore traditions, songs, dances and other performing arts related rituals that take place. Students will work in groups to research and will present their findings to the class using Power Point. 


Initially, at the year 3/4 level the children will finalise their Portfolios. They will be going further with programing both online and offline. The children will also be working on the presentation of digital work using the tools available. We will also combine ICT and Ipad classes to introduce green screen projects. We will also be looking at Audio production such as making commercials. 

Key dates for Term 3:  

October 23rd: Hooptime for relevant Future Stars teams.

October 23rd, 30th, November 6th, 13th, 20th: YOGA

November 7th: Hooptime for All Star Boys

December 12th: Early notice of a Christmas Craft morning- volunteers will be required! 

Lastly, thank you for your ongoing support. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any queries or concerns. 


Kathy, Kay, Suzanne and Barbara


This week the Year 3/4 students were lucky enough to meet and hear from Dianne McGrath, a candidate for the Mars One Mission. Here is the direct link to her profile:photo_31071

It was an amazing experience to hear from such an interesting person who is aspiring to spend the rest of her life living and doing scientific research on Mars.

Click the comment box below to tell us three things you would find it hard to leave behind if YOU were going to live on Mars!

SEL: Social Emotional Learning

This term we are talking about how we deal with worries and self- calming strategies. We will be reading “Waiting For Mum” and ” A Big Bag of Worries”. Through Art, SEL and Literacy we are sharing our worries and exploring ways to stay calm. It’s very exciting that we will be participating in 5 Yoga sessions starting on the Thursday 23rd of October!

It’s always good to share ideas about how to manage frustration and anxiety. So…

…Post to the blog your way of keeping yourself calm when things get tough. ( Invite Mum and Dad to post a response as well!)