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Hop, Step, Jump!

tj1 tj2


Students have been learning the triple jump technique.  The students have been applying their skills by breaking down the technique into the three parts.  They link these three components together to perform a triple jump. (Photos are blurry due to being a snapshot of a video)


Concert preparation in Performing Arts

Performing Arts

In Performing Arts this term, students have been rehearsing for the school concert, called ‘Trip Through Time.’ Grade 3/4F and 3/4LG have been focussing on the 1980’s and 3/4V on the 1990’s decades. Each child has a significant role to play, including acting, singing and movement to music.

Learning to Code

Learning the basics of programming.

The year 3/4 children have been doing basic programming. Some of the adults may have remembered programming a turtle to make turns and advance  a certain distance. Well they have taken this now to a new level. Children can import backgrounds, import actors in the form of people, animals, fantasy creatures or even draw and design your own. So they solve puzzles and create stories, mini-games while learning and applying skills they pick up on the way: design conception, pattern recognition, algorithmic thinking, and problem solving. All the children have logins and create their on projects that they continue on where they left off as it’s all saved on line.

The top image is the code that the children drag onto their coding stage that makes their characters move, make sounds, speak with speech bubbles, or glide from one area of the stage to another.

Below are some of the backgrounds that the children have used to create their projects.


Put these dates in your diary…

  • Thursday 12th June– 3/4V Class Mass
  • Thursday 12th June– DISCO!!!
  • Tuesday 17th June– Eucharist Workshop, 7pm
  • Thursday 19th June– St Vincent de Paul Mass: Keep bringing in donations of food, clothing and blankets!
  • Friday 20th June– HOOPTIME trials. Wear your sports uniform!
  • Monday 23rd June– DESIGN DAY. On this day you will be constructing your future innovation- have you started collecting bits and pieces?
  • Wednesday 25th June– 1pm finish for Parent Teacher Interviews.
  • Friday 27th June– END OF TERM: YOU MADE IT!!

Fit, Fun and Fantastic!

Fantastic effort at the Divisional Cross Country!

Our team performed strongly and our students should all be so proud of their results (the teachers were so impressed- they’re not sure they could have finished the course….). Year 3/4 students who ran were: Francesca, Cristian, Ben, Isabella, Ashleigh, Harrison, Jake and Siena. We know there are many keen Level 3 students who will be getting into training for next year and their chance to compete.